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Project Summary

    Third and fourth grade students at Castro School will study the bayland habitat and devise a plan to assist in restoring this local treasure.  Students will meet third and fourth grade science standards in accomplishing this project.  A project based learning format will integrate technology, collaborative grouping, and community involvement.  After thorough classroom investigations of the bayland habitat, groups of students will study an area in depth.  Students will  create multimedia presentations about a variety of animals in the bayland habitat.  In order to help this process, students will write weekly journals entries via e-mail to their cross grade buddies highlighting new learning, questions, and interests.  As a whole class we will investigate the environmental state of our local baylands.  As a way of connecting this learning to the real world, students will identify the importance of the baylands in our community and will participate in their maintenance and restoration.  Our investigations will result in a website compiling student reports and restoration efforts as well as a presentation about the baylands to a public audience.