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Essential Question

Core Understandings


Learning Objectives

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Essential Question

After a devastating meteorite impact, how do you plan to rebuild a balanced, productive biome that is ecologically and economically sustainable?



Core Understandings

1. Living things are dependent on each other and their nonliving environment.

2. To be successful in an environment, organisms have specific adaptations.

3. Human activities impact the balance of nature.




1. Identify the major groups of life on Earth and understand how they relate to one another.

2. Understand the interdependence of all living things and the importance of biodiversity.

3. Understand the role of living things in the human economy.

4. Understand human impact on the major biomes.

5. Relate the characteristics of the biome to its geographic location.

6. Understand the role of the individual in environmental preservation and conservation.

7. Integrate technology with biology.


Learning Objectives

1. Identify the kingdoms of life on earth

2. Identify relationships among organisms in the environment

3. Describe the specific characteristics (climate, precipitation, inhabitants, location, etc) of each of the major biomes

4. Explain the specific adaptations of the organisms that allow them to successfully live in a particular biome

5. Describe the impact of humans on each of the major biomes

6. Create and share a multimedia project that focuses on the ecology and preservation of a specific biome.

7. Identify endangered species within each biome.

8. Create a conservation/preservation plan for a specific biome.