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The following resources may be of use to teachers that incorporate this project into their curriculum

Goals and Objectives

Project Rationale

This project is valuable, as it allows students to integrate and understand multiple Biology concepts under the big theme of a biome, instead of compartmentalizing them as individual, unrelated topics. It allows them to apply biology to real-life situations.

This project also promotes collaborative learning, project design, technology integration, and problem solving. This project requires students to be independent thinkers, responsible for their own learning.  

Student Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

This project will allow students to learn in many different ways, thus enabling students with a variety of learning styles and learning needs to excel.

Students who are visual learners will excel in the research and reading elements required by this project.

Auditory learners will excel because this is a group project and the students will need to discuss and share their research as they develop their project planning pages and final presentation.

Kinesthetic learners will benefit from the hands-on scaffolding activities such as labs.

The presentations will be beneficial for both the auditory and visual learners in the class because the material will be presented both visually (via PowerPoint) and orally.


This project also meets the learning needs of students with different intelligence's.

Students with a strong linguistic-verbal intelligence will excel at the reading, research, and writing of the presentation.

Students who have a strong mathematical-logical intelligence will excel at collecting information and organizing the research.

Students who are superior at visual-spatial activities will be allowed to share their skills by designing and collecting graphics in the development of an artistic and aesthetically appealing PowerPoint.

Students with strong interpersonal skills will be very valuable in this project. Because this is a group project they will be able to share their skills as a group leader and can help to keep the group working cohesively.

Students with strong intrapersonal skills will be experts at goal setting for the group and helping the group overcome challenges.

This project will appeal to students with a more developed naturalist intelligence, as it will allow them to create a plan to prevent environmental degradation.

This group project is ideal for teaching students with varying intelligences because students will be able to share their strengths with the group. Ultimately this should allow for students to acknowledge their own strengths and be more appreciative of others strengths.