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Hunter-gatherers to City-States: domestication of plants and animals.

The following questions will take you through the evolution of people ,from hunter-gatherers, people who wander from place to place in search of food, to that of a sedentary groups of people who farm and raise domesticated animals.  Have fun and learn lots!

1.  Look at the timeline at the bottom of the page. How long were the Pre-Agricultural times?

2.  When did the Agricultural times start?

Click on Pre-Agricultural times.  Hint:  Pre-agriculture refers to a time before people knew how to raise crops.  They were hunter-gatherers.

3.  Pre-agricultural times is based on  three things. What are they?

 Click on "Man invented, adapted and built up food complexes".

4.  When did Homo sapien sapiens live and how did they get food?

Click on "next"  (bottom right corner)

5.  What were the three forms of food products being produced at that time?  Which one would you want to eat most?

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6.  Why did hunter-gatherers need containers?  What were they made out of ?

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7.  Agriculutural Revolution:  How would domesticating plants and animals help our ancestors?  What would this give them that they did not have before?

Click on "the domestication of both animals and plants."  Look at the animal section.  

8.  What is an undomesticated dog? sheep? cow? pig?  Could a domesticated cow live in the wild for very long?  Why or why not?

9.  If you could raise crops like wheat, oats and other vegetables and have herds of cows and sheep, would you still want to be a hunter-gatherer and wander from place to place in search of food?  Could you move with all your crops and food?

10.  How do you think this led to the development of towns and villages?

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 Here we see the process of how groups of nomadic hunter-gatherers started growing crops and raising animals which made them stay in one place.  These nomadic "bands" became stationary villages that grew into towns and then into city-states.

11.  In towns why do you think the majority of residents were not farmers?  If they weren't farmers, what kinds of jobs do you think they had?  (Think about what other things you need besides food... houses, containers, schools, a leader)

You may browse this site to your heart's content. No more questions though!

Evolution of our
 early ancestors:  Lucy to you.

Key Vocabulary
Hunter-gatherers to
city-states:  domestication of
 plants and animals.

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